Re-learning Vim (5)

Date: 2022/07/29 (initial publish), 2022/07/30 (last update)

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Revisit syntax checkers and beyond

Let me revisit recent situation over static syntax checkers mentioned in Re-learning Vim (2).

Under NeoVim (>0.7) with Lua, LSP ecosystem around nvim-lspconfig can be used to access local syntax checkers and code style formatter using null-ls.nvim.

Many required packages for this seem to be compiled and installed by

Shell with LS

# SC2006: Use $(...) notation instead of legacy backticked `...`.               


My old ways

count = False
ignore = E203,E226,E302,E41
max-line-length = 160
statistics = True

My new ways with LS

Independent reformatter

I also use an independent code re-formatter package: black.

One more tool is isort for import.

Lua with LS

column_width = 120                                                                                                                                                           
line_endings = "Unix"
indent_type = "Spaces"
indent_width = 2
quote_style = "AutoPreferDouble"
no_call_parentheses = true
collapse_simple_statement = "Always"

Others with LS

It seems there are supports not only on HTML but also markdown etc.

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