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Date: 2023/02/13 (initial publish), 2023/06/04 (last update)

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Windows from Linux

There are few ways to access Windows resources.

Dual boot Windows installation from Linux

Creation of Windows USB installation media on GNU + Linux platform can be automated by using

Let’s see what is involved behind “Windows from Linux” as below.

Information on Windows installation

The official Microsoft documentation gives us good entry points:

You should probably get your localized Windows 10 pro image for Windows 10 (Not Windows 10N nor Windows 10KN. These are for people living in Europe or South Korea).

Available GNU + Linux tools for Windows installation

Useful tools on Debian to manipulate disk data:

How to create a USB flash drive to install Windows

The recent Windows ISO image contains sources/install.wim which is about 5GiB and exceeds 4 GiB filesize limit on FAT32 frequently used on the USB flash disk.

Although the disk image is called “ISO file”, this is not formatted in ISO9660 but actually formatted in UDF format which doesn’t suffer from 4GB file size limitation. This “ISO file” isn’t a hybrid file system overlaying harddisk file system so you can’t use this ISO image with simple “dd if= ...” to make bootable USB key (I know many of us Linux user feel like doing it.)

So we need to cope with this complication.

The following can make a USB flash drive to install Windows via UEFI on GPT disk.

If the install.wim is slightly larger than 4GB limit, you may use file compression with wimlib-imagex optimize install.wim --solid to make it fit in 4GB limit and do without using split, instead.

If the UEFI available on your system also supports NTFS or the UEFI:NTFS is used along with the UEFI, you can format USB flash drive with NTFS filesystem instead and boot Windows by copying the original sources/install.wim into this NTFS filesystem without splitting it.

You may also make this USB flash drive as Legacy/UEFI hybrid boot disk using the standard tricks.

Windows 365 from web browsers

If you have an account of Windows 365, you can access windows resources from chrome-compatible browsers using (after login).

In order to make this work smoothly, I needed to adjust my cookie policy.

(I see that the Paypal transaction needed similar configuration on .)

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